Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rediscovering the Past: Lynn Aloysius Belvedere!!!

If I had my way, every time someone walked into my workplace they'd be bearing the kind of news my friend Mark dropped on me today...

Having read my post about the imminent release of "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" on DVD--June 30th Motherfuckers!!!--Mark came in with the little lady and dropped this nugget on my unsuspecting ass: Shout! Factory is doing its damnedest to solidify its place in my heart as the best business in the world, adding "Mr. Belvedere" to its docket of releases. The glory that is Christopher Hewett as the titular British housekeeper that comes to live with Pittsburgh sports columnists George Owens family as Marsha Owens ventures back to law school will make its way to my DVD shelf St. Patrick's Day. Seasons One and Two will be released together that day, and I, for one, cannot wait to see Mr. Belvedere outwit Wesley at every turn while Bob Uecker embodies everything that we all wanted in fathers circa 1985 (no offense, Dad--I still love you).

This is something that I have been waiting for with almost as much energy as I have "PLCL". There were days back when I worked with one Miss Jordana Mollick* back at the coffee shop in Minneapolis where we would wax nostalgic about "Mr. Belvedere" and try to recall the lyrics from the Leon Redbone sung, Gary Portnoy co-written theme song "According to Our New Arrivals" without the degree of success we demanded of ourselves.

*I initially thought better of including your last name, Jordana, but then I thought better of it when I thought of the joy that could enter your life knowing that googling your name will connect you eternally with "Mr. Belvedere"--an honor to be sure.

And, even though, I have done this before, I am going to embed the video of the intro because I will look for any reason to get that theme song out there.

Now, as I rewatch the intro, it occurs to me that Brice Beckham looks like what I imagine my Phillies fan friend, Donald probably looked like in 1985, so ya got that goin' for ya, Donnie.

Regardless, from this point forward, I do not want anyone walking into where I'm working without a piece of news like this. Keep this in mind, ladies and gents.

Now, if only that bizarre episode of "Ned & Stacey" where Ned employs Christopher Hewett to play Mr. Belvedere in an ad campaign only to come to discover that Hewett believes himself to be Lynn Aloysius Belvedere and lives on the abandoned set of the show were included in this first DVD release...

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jordana said...

So I just googled my name...and you're right, there is nothing that I would rather do on a Sunday morning than think about Mr Belvedere. I would also kill to see that Ned and Stacey episode.

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