Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Musicalia: Leonard Cohen Touring

I actually intend to write another musically focused post later this evening, but I figured I'd drop in to mention quickly that I placed my order for Leonard Cohen tickets this morning. If any Austinites are interested in trying to get tickets, I can forward the email that allows you to get pre-sale tickets. Email me at my hotmail account.

Regardless, Leonard Cohen is touring everybody. This does not happen. He is setting out on his first tour since 1993. Most of you who check this site regularly can have the chance to see him at one of the tourdates here, and tickets go on sale for most of those other cities Friday, I think.

Cohen is 74. It took 16 years for this tour to happen. Another tour simply is not likely to happen. Sure, he may play a one-off if you live in New York or London or Montreal, but good luck getting a ticket to one of those shows, kiddos. My tickets were somewhere in the $85 per range.

Do yourself a favor.

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