Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rediscovering the Past: The Greatest DVD News In the History of the Letters D, V, and D

I may have mentioned before that I have an undying love for the television series "Parker Lewis Can't Lose". I say 'may have', but you can read that as meaning 'have definitely' because I have gone so far as to post the entire pilot episode in embedded video form. That was one of but a few "Parker Lewis" posts. This is the best of all.

Apparently the folks over at Shout! Factory have secured the rights for DVD release, and we can be expecting the release of the first season later this year. The article is here. I was informed via email, as I am of course on a mailing list for any such news.

You have no idea how fucking pumped I am for this. And Shout! were the crew responsible for the "Freaks and Geeks" DVD sets, which are quite possibly the most special feature laden, all-encompassing, overflowing-with-love DVD release in the history of the medium. Thank God PLCL will not be getting the haphazard "Get A Life" three volume greatest hits treatment. Thank God for Shout! Factory.

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