Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rediscovering the Past: Jason Bateman - Kid Satan

We all know and love Jason Bateman from "Arrested Development". We all remember when he stepped into the ring without the power of the wolf in the moving climax in Teen Wolf Too. His procurement of a condom when that old friend of the family came to town for a campus visit at Northwestern was historic not only because it marked the first time 'condom' was said on US broadcast television but also because that episode of "Valerie" was when Jason Bateman became a man.

But before all that Jason Bateman was like an evil Ferris Bueller in the short-lived series, "It's Your Move". Here's a taste:

Obviously, the video quality could be better, but that show was surprisingly dark, especially as you get deeper into the series. He is really quite evil, and it's pretty goddamn awesome.

1 comment:

Little Brother said...

I like it...

It's cool how the acting style was still present through AD

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