Sunday, February 9, 2014

True Detective Season One, Episode Four "Who Goes There?"

True Detective wasn't messing around this week. Woody's affair destroys his marriage. Mac makes the wise decision to steal some coke from the evidence room, snort it, and go AWOL. On top of it all, the Sons of Anarchy knock down Marlo Stanfield's door.

Craig Scholes: I don't know what just happened.

Stan Earnest: That was like Boyz n the Hood meets Sons of Anarchy.

CS: Yeah, I'm still not sure how everything went to hell in a hand basket there at the end.

You ready to reenact the movie Commando yet?
SE: My guess is that most everyone in the hood knew that house had the stash, and they all went to protect it.

CS: But why did the Po-Po show up? I can't imagine the police just show up anytime a gun goes off in the projects.

SE: The police are always rummaging through the projects. Of course we are in where? Texas in that scene? Oh, the cops are definitely showing up in Texas.

CS: So are we gonna Memento this episode and work backwards?

SE: Shit, I guess. I know it started with Woody just laying the acting law down. Then all of a sudden Mac took back over.

CS: I'm not entirely clear who was getting the interrogation in the beginning.

SE: Wow. Craig Scholes everyone! It is the ex-husband of the girl that was killed. McConaughey thought the "cheesecake pictures" caused his old cell mate to look up his ol' lady.

CS: I'll be honest, I wasn't paying much attention until Marty's epic sweater meat girl had the drama in the hallway.

SE: Speaking of what people were wearing, Woody was in full-on early-90s-grunge-hasn't-hit-yet attire. Was that a Pink Floyd Division Bell shirt? Are we sure he didn't pull that out of his closet from his White Men Can't Jump collection? And nothing dates a time period like someone selling a microwave for drugs.

Well, I'll be damned.
CS: Does that mean we are gonna get Rosie Perez talking about quiche?

SE: What the hell happened to Rosie Perez anyhow? I figured she would have popped up on an ABC sitcom by now. "You are like the Michael Jordan of being a son of a bitch." Great line.

CS: It most certainly was, and I had every intention of dropping that line. I even had it written in my notes.

SE: All I know is that I wish I had McConaughey in my corner anytime I screw up. The dude is uncanny. Woody's wife accuses him of "ducking under rationalization." Yes, sign me up for the logic train.

CS: Woody is such a fucking child, blaming everyone else for him fucking around on his wife, then blaming his wife for breaking up his family.

SE: I can't believe after Mac told him about the duck-tape-chair face lift that he still went trudging into that bar.

CS: I can't believe how Woody didn't even flinch when Mac brought out an Avtomat Kalashnikova.

SE: Praise to the writers [OMD: Nic Pizzolatto] for putting Woody in his down-and-out situation in which we can slightly believe he would go for this. The first sign I knew that the job was going to go way south: fully bearded men were going to dress up in cop outfits. No force allows that much facial hair.

CS: No fucking way I trust a cop with a ZZ Top beard.

SE: It is because it is so out of place (because it isn't allowed) that one automatically understands something is wrong.

CS: Some Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart looking mother fucker in a cop uniform ain't getting the drop on me.

SE: This episode really got the ol' ticker a pounding. This reminded of that Breaking Bad ep where they make the trip to Mexico and ends with madness by the poolside. And if I reference Breaking Bad, you know that is high praise.

CS: A little bit of everything: a gorgeous woman going into full blown homewrecker mode, drug use, sketchy motorcycle bars, a Training Day projects shoot out.

SE: So we have Training Day meets Justified meets Breaking Bad meets Sons of the hood.

CS: That about sums it up. Don't forget the dance club/spark factory. This episode had everything.

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