Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Queue Continuum: Holy Shit! Tuff Turf Is Streaming

Look, I've written a lot about Tuff Turf. Strangely, and not entirely because of the film itself, a solid majority of the traffic here at Inconsiderate Prick has been because of a piece I wrote on one of my first childhood crushes (temporally misplaced as it may have been), Kim Richards, being thrust back into my life. That seminal piece of IP lore can be found here.

Regardless of how hot Kim Richards was circa 1984 [insert obligatory Kim Richards photo that drove traffic now]
Tuff Turf itself must be seen. It's got James Spader as the new kid kicked out of prep school, a bicycle-riding, leather-jacket-wearing youth in revolt with what could easily be termed a death wish who sleeps with a dart gun and wants to steal away the school street tough's girlfriend, played by the estimable Kim Richards. It's got Robert Downey (before he added the Junior) as Spader's best friend, who happens to play drums shirtless with sunglasses hanging round his neck--oh, you 1980s--in the Jim Carroll Band. Yes, that's Jim Carroll of Basketball Diaries fame. Really, all you should need to know is it's got this scene in it.

What the hell are you waiting for? Queue it up.

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