Monday, April 2, 2012

Prick Tunes: Justin Townes Earle "Look the Other Way"

First off, I should probably apologize for the lack of content over the past week and a half. Between a seemingly endless string of fantasy baseball drafts and an entirely wonderful visit from Young Man Duggan and his great little lady, time was spread too thin to actually get anything done in these here parts. With those jam-packed days in the rear-view, let's get back into the swing of things here. 

Typically, I try to space out entries from the same artist, but on Saturday an interview with Justin Townes Earle was put up on the Wall Street Journal site. If there were any question as to whether I was a fan of what the younger Earle is up to, there should be no more. There may not be an artist out there for whom news of an upcoming release gets me as giddy as Mister Earle.

As for the interview, Jim Fusilli asks the questions; JTE provides the answers. Mentions of Springsteen and Willie occur. Bits of new songs bookend the conversation. Subject matter veers from process to his checkered past with his father. Good stuff all around.

Here is the album cut of the title track from Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now:

And while I've just posted this song within the past two weeks, here is a full-band performance of "Look the Other Way" on Letterman.

It's entirely possible that I'll return to this album in the near future, possibly with an attempt at a review/reflection on the album. This I cannot/will not promise, however.


biblioburro said...

KEXP put up JTE's set from SXSW recently:

Jim White was also on KEXP this past week, should be on their website soon. You should check out his latest album if you haven't already.

Josh Duggan said...

Sweet. I fucked something up at KEXP, but finally got the JTE to stream. Jim White is up now and in the queue. Have you gotten to see Justin Townes Earle yet?

biblioburro said...

Haven't been to a JTE live show yet. I think he's coming up this way in May so we might go to that one. There was a span there when I wasn't well that we didn't go to any shows and JTE passed through here like four times. Anyway, we did go see The David Wax Museum a few weeks back and I'd highly recommend checking them out. You can probably see someone play a donkey jawbone any day of the week in Texas but up this way it's kind of a thrill. Really good band though, give them a listen sometime.

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