Monday, April 30, 2012

Prick Tunes: Andrew Gold "Lonely Boy"

It seems as though even with his passing in June of last year Andrew Gold never got his due. Gold, who was basically Billy Joel if Billy Joel were good and didn't hate the trees of Long Island so much that he was driven to plow into them with his automobile, was a gifted multi-instrumentalist born and raised in the shadow of the Hollywood sign. In addition to penning this gem, Gold wrote and recorded "Thank You for Being a Friend," which was later performed by Cindy Fee to serve as the theme song for Golden Girls.

He was also instrumental in the success of Linda Ronstadt, working as a multi-instrumentalist and arranger on her albums Heart Like a Wheel, Prisoner in Disguise, and Hasten Down the Wind. He also worked with Art Garfunkel and 10cc, the latter asking him to join the band, an offer he was unable to accept for business reasons, though he did later work with 10cc guitarist Graham Gouldman in their band Wax. 

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