Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tube Steak: All Work and No Play, Make Josh Something Something

Hey, sorry about the lack of entries this week. While I may write more on my Royals blog, I believe you people to be my most devoted readership, even if you are smaller in size than the traffic I get over there.

This week finds me too busy with work and the trappings of being a fantasy baseball champion (read: seeing over the draft which is happening at a painfully slow pace) to be able to devote much time to this blog (or the Royals one). That, coupled with the fact that I have to work one more shift at Capital Cruises than I was expecting to, means I have little time past this cursory missive in which I apologize to you all for my lack of time this week.

As an attempt to placate your ravenous hunger for something ridiculous, here:

Love that finger.

If you want to see something really weird, watch the British series "Snuff Box" that the clip above is from.

And then here's a bonus clip, largely for the mystery that is L. Ryan Loukie.


KRD said...

It doesn't seem fair somehow that you should feel so much pressure to keep the few entertained.

I'm sure that we can find something else to do while you're busy--rent a movie, bake a cake, learn to salsa. It wouldn't be bad for us to learn how to entertain ourselves a little.

Old Man Duggan said...

Yeah, maybe so.

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