Friday, July 25, 2008

San Jose or sans Jose?

I had been a fantasy owner of one Jose Guillen numerous times in the past. I had experienced the highs and the lows, so when the Royals signed him, I had an idea as to what to expect.

My expectations were not that he'd be this hot/cold. Honestly. There was no one in baseball as hot as he was for about six weeks. He was amazing. He was ripping everything he touched. You got the sense that every trip to the plate was going to result in an extra-base hit or a screaming single, driving in multiple runs along the way.

And he did just that an inordinate amount of the time.

Since June 23rd, his average has dropped from .293 to .260 today. He just had his sixth 0-fer in seven games. His OPS has come back down to a very earthly .736 (as of yesterday's game) after peaking nearly .100 points higher at .830. He hasn't socked a dinger in a month and two days.

That would all constitute what could be aptly described as a dry-spell.

I'm not going to lay blame here. His back is hurting. He still makes his way into the lineup almost every day. And yes, his back was hurting while he was on his tear, too, but I can't imagine it's getting any better as the season wears on.

What I will say is it's a whole helluva lot harder sitting by and watching him when he's cold when he's wearing a Royals uniform.

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