Thursday, July 24, 2008

Congratulations, Newlyweds!

I just remembered that I needed to congratulate Ryan and Keli on the internet, so it's official.

Best of luck, newlyweds. Stay away from Bob Eubanks. He breaks up marriages. I've seen it on the TV.

Now, they're not reading this, as they're newlywedding it up in Chi-town--surely hanging out with the likes of Jeff Tweedy and Billy Corgan--but have a helluva time.


Weibel said...

Yeah that is awesome they are in chi town, not nearly close to where I thought they were going, I guess my wedding gift to Hauted places in New England and a map of New England won't come in handy as I thought. I guess I am not that clever.

Ryan said...

Thanks again for everything, O.M. Duggan. Chicago was a really good time and, surprisingly enough, a map of New England did come in handy several times (thanks John).

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