Monday, June 16, 2008

Things that have Passed, Things to Come

My illness has led to the woeful neglect of this site over the past week or so. It's getting to be more and more under control, but my actions are still largely dependent upon the cooperation of my colon.

I've got plans on what is to come on the blog in the near future.

In entries soon to be written, you can expect a reflection on the NBA Finals as a whole, the glory of coffee being reintroduced to my diet after a trying week without it, a book recommendation or two, a review of The Foot Fist Way, and more than likely a detailed account of the Tom Waits Concert Experience (times three).

To all the dads, Happy Father's Day from me to you (I'm going to go ahead and say that since I'm still awake, it's not belated).

And I'll close with a request to my fantasy teams: Please do not fail me again because this last week's failure was unacceptable.

1 comment:

Weibel said...

Good to know you are still with us....rectum damn near killed him.

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