Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Shitting?


I am still shitting.

A lot.

It is not nearly as awesome as I'd hoped it would be. I've lost count, but Elias Sports Bureau called and said my last one was #2 #67 since Friday morning, so I'll defer to them...

So I'll take this quick second to enter my quick thoughts on Game 2 before the start of Game 3.
  • The Celtics looked great for three and a half quarters.
  • When they kind of let up, it probably still should have been enough to win, but the Lakers went off on a retarded three-point binge, which I hate. Basically, the Lakers are down 20 and start chucking up threes, which just happen to fall. All of them. That mindset pisses me off so much because it turns most somewhat close games into blowouts because the threes actually fall in about 1 of 20 games.
  • Let's not forget the four-step Radmanovic dunk that was also a gifted two points that cut into the deficit in the fourth.
  • The free throw disparity was a bit shocking, but the Lakers were not aggressive at all, so I don't really feel like the Lakers were short shrifted. Maybe it's a biased viewpoint--in fact, it is--but you need to do something to get a foul called, not just shoot fadeaways, Kobe.
  • Powe was a pimp (and no, he will not commit suicide). What a game.
Here's to hoping for a great Game 3.

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