Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Always on top of things...

I've just gotten around to watching "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace" and unlike that Indiana Jones movie, it's both well-written and funny. I was starting to wonder if that could happen. Well, it turns out it can and did. If you haven't seen it, it is readily available on the internet.

Here's a snippet:


On an unrelated note, the primary season is finally over. My boy won, so I'm naturally happy. I've essentially tuned out since about Pennsylvania, as the media coverage has been anything but enlightening, but I'm obviously happy to see the person who I think has the most promising vision for the country walking away with what one would assume is the nomination.

Personally, I'm not of the mindset that this drawn out primary process has hurt the Democrats too much. For starters, I think the closely contested nature of the battle for the nomination kept whoever the Democratic candidate was in higher profile than their Republican opponent.

Now, the talk of who Obama will choose as his running mate is getting amped up with reports coming out that Clinton herself is trying to position herself for the Vice Presidential nod. I understand the reasoning behind arguing for choosing her, but I really believe that he'd be better served choosing a running mate with a much stronger defense background like General Wesley Clark or Senator Jim Webb of Virginia--Webb having the ability to deliver a much more valuable state than Clark, who may not even be able to deliver his homestate of Arkansas--both of whom could neutralize the war hero/defense strength of the McCain ticket. There is also the problem of their race having been fairly brutal, and she's looked less and less like a good sport about things as the race has appeared to get closer and closer to being his.


Baseball notes:
  • The Royals' two-game winning streak was snapped. Greinke was knocked around in the defeat. Not encouraging. Banny did pitch well Sunday, probably just to spite me for dropping him in my keeper league after his second-to-last start. He also busted out a new 70 mile an hour curve ball. Hopefully, Joakim can teach him how to throw in the 90's, and maybe he'll grow the Lincoln beard, too.
  • I should also note that Miguel Olivo has played quite well for the Royals. There was quite a bit of rumbling when he was signed, but he's making a compelling case for being their everyday catcher. Sure, he strikes out a lot, but he's getting a lot of extra-base hits in limited playing time, while John Buck has often looked over-matched at the bat.
  • John Smoltz made his return to the Braves as their new closer (with a new, three-quarter throwing motion). Apparently it didn't go as well as one would have hoped, resulting in a blown save. I really hope he can be effective, as he may be my favorite player.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury is on pace for 74 stolen bases this year. That's in somewhat limited playing time with Coco Crisp getting the occasional start in his place. He is really making quite the case for being AL Rookie of the Year. Now I understand that it may be difficult for the Red Sox to get rid of Crisp, but it seems like they must be able to package him and Lugo (eating a sizeable chunk of Lugo's paycheck) for a real shortstop, which seems to be the only gaping hole in their lineup.
  • The Indians lineup is looking terrible. Joe Posnanski put some of their key contributors' projected stats up and they're shocking. Now, I thought Hafner was due for another subpar year, but Pronk is hitting .217 with little power. Victor Martinez still hasn't hit a home run. There are some serious problems in Cleveland, and there isn't a river on fire. I'm sure it has to do with renaming the Jake.


Little Brother said...

R.I.P. John Smotlz

Little Brother said...

It's too bad the best part of that clip is lost on everyone. The bartender (Richard Ayoade)in the video is the greatest character on a BBC show "The IT Crowd". I recognized the voice, and then realized who he was.

Matt Berry is also in the IT Crowd for several episodes and very good, too.

It's worth checking out.

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