Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday?

There are a few things I find curious about the primaries and caucuses (cauci?) today.

First, why does CNN refuse to start breaking down California by Congressional Districts or counties? It is really quite irksome.

Do you think Lou Dobbs asks his hair colorist to give him a Redford?

Obama won quite a few states (more than Hillary). Hillary won the seemingly integral California Primary, but who knows how many delegates she'll actually win the state by...

It looks to me like Obama may have pulled off the comeback in Missouri. If so, hoorah.

It's 11:45 CST or so, and we're finally getting California by counties.

John King really has some troubles on that stretchy map touch screen.

During the Obama speech tonight, was it just the people in the room I was watching with, or was that blonde over Obama's right shoulder scary as shit? Her eyes were those of a psychopath. I was afraid for Obama's life, and I'm sure the Secret Service was, too.

I think Obama's showing in the caucuses in relation to the primaries is indicative of his support. In a setting in which people talk about the candidate they're backing (the caucus, obviously), Obama is shellacking Hillary. It seems like he won every caucus with just about 60% of the vote. I really think that speaks to the fervent support behind him compared to the tepid support behind her.

I really hope Barack can pull it off. He has the ability to raise quite a bit of money. He may be best served by not debating Hillary and letting his money-raising speak for him. Granted, I think he fares very well in debate with anyone, but why give her the additional exposure when you don't have to?

Finally, I am really concerned about Hillary's electability, but Obama certainly has his issues with Latino voters by the looks of it. At least it looks like McCain is the heavy favorite for the Republican nomination, and he's certainly the lesser evil of the three legitimate Republicans left.

What's up with Carl Bernstein's lips?

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