Monday, February 11, 2008

Revised Perceptions

Last weekend, I watched the Scott Bakula star vehicle Necessary Roughness, and it got me thinking about how different style and fashion can influence who we find attractive. Kathy Ireland, whose acting left just a bit to be desired, was (I think) considered to be a sex symbol at the time--she was all over the SI swimsuit issues--but watching that film made me wonder why. She seemed astonishingly plain for someone who was put on that mantle of sexual appeal.

What brings me back to this revision of sex appeal once style (?) has moved on is my having tivoed Weird Science last night. Kelly LeBrock stands the test of time.
Stylistically, she embodies the '80s every bit as much as Kathy Ireland embodied the early 1990s, but she is still stunning.

This all brings me to wonder who else will remain every bit the symbol I remember them to be? Who will make me wonder what I was thinking (a la my trip down memory lane with Short Circuit a couple months ago, which made me wonder if my parents were putting LSD in my cereal when I was a child)?

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Little Brother said...

It was Kathy Ireland's relative normalcy that made everyone find her attractive to the same extent that Jenna Fischer is with so many people today (I think Ireland would be able to kick any competition Fischer would give much like she did her way through Necessary Roughness). But Ireland had those eyes...damn

Don't you dare accuse mom and/or dad of drugging us up.

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