Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thoughts on the Chiefs after Week 10

I almost ended up going to this game. It would have meant embarking on a twelve hour car ride north to KC and dropping a large chunk of change on a first trip to Arrowhead only to end up seeing another abysmal performance by the Chiefs offense. I guess I'm glad I didn't go and have this game be my first Arrowhead experience.

That being said, here are my quick thoughts on the game and the Chiefs going forward:
  • Eddie Drummond needs to be set free. Granted, the blocking in the return game has been suspect at best, but even with the best blocking in the league, I don't think he has what it takes to return it to the 30. Ever.
  • Why the hell is Benny Sapp the other return man on kickoffs? Moreover, why the hell is Benny Sapp still on the team? He should have been cut weeks ago, when Herm had to bench him for two quarters after an infantile temper tantrum resulted in 15 yards getting tacked on to what was already a ten yard penalty that he had committed. He could very well have drawn another one today in a similar situation that he managed to not escalate into a ridiculous display of hot-headed foolishness. Then on the kickoff he did get to return he managed to run directly into one of his own blockers. Jeff Webb seemed to be somewhat effective last season when filling in for the much maligned Dante Hall. Wha happened?
  • Speaking of Jeff Webb, did it strike anyone else as odd that he became their go-to guy on the final drive of the game? He wasn't really pulling the ball down to warrant such treatment.
  • Samie Parker made a nice catch and managed to hold on to the ball. Let's hope for more of that.
  • It was nice to see Priest out there, throwing blocks and getting positive yards on most carries.
  • Maybe the Brodie Croyle Era has finally begun. Again, not to attack Damon Huard or anything, but Croyle could have turned it over twice in two dropbacks, too. They seemed to move the ball fairly well with Brodie in. Maybe this will mean shots of his hot wife in the crowd now.
  • That last drive was painful to watch. Sure they moved the ball upfield, but it was largely the result of retarded Broncos penalties (I'd lost interest at this point, but I would almost swear to the fact that there were three offsides penalties committed by the Broncos in the final 1:50 or so. Why?).
  • Could Huard's final two turnovers have been any more costly? I don't think so.
  • I fail to see what Kris Wilson brings to the team. I find myself cursing his existence whenever he's involved in a play. Everytime he touches the ball, he either drops the pass (and loses his helmet) or catches it and promptly fumbles. He doesn't block when he's lined up as a fullback. Why is he in the game? Why is he on this team?
  • The defense gave up 20. Another seven were excusable, as Huard handed them that seven with his second-to-last turnover. The D looked all right today, but they still gave up 100 yards to Selvin Young. Nothing great from them really, but they were serviceable.
  • Colquitt has maybe the worst punt I've ever seen him get off today. That being said, I'm still spearheading the Colquitt for MVP campaign.

By the way, my sister was at the game last week, where I had tasked her to find a Colquitt jersey for me. They weren't at the pro shop at Arrowhead. For shame, Arrowhead. For shame.

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