Sunday, November 18, 2007

I've calmed down a little

and can maybe reflect a little more calmly on a 13-10 loss to the Colts...

The defense looked really good. Granted, the Colts' line is depleted by injuries and Marvo watched from the sidelines, but Jared Allen looked like he may be the best defensive lineman in the game. He's certainly in the discussion. He was blowing up the backfield all day. He deflected three passes, one of which he could have picked and another which was picked. He was pressuring Manning the entire game. He was quite simply great. DJ was huge, also, and really seems to be stepping up and becoming the linebacker everyone thought he'd be when the Chiefs drafted him.

Maybe the Chiefs need to sign someone to return punts. Kennison fumbled one deep and almost lost another. He's also a thousand years old and not that fast anymore. Webb looked solid and *gasp* returned one past the thirty.

Colquitt had a couple of less than desirable punts this week. He's maybe a bit overworked this season, as he's out there punting six times a game. Maybe the offense could do him a favor and score. Just a thought.

Rayner is not very good at kicking field goals. Where's Lin Elliott when you need him? Sorry. That's not even remotely funny. I'd not be opposed to trying Vanderjagt out, though. He's available, Carl.

Croyle looked good (mostly). If they'd taken the kid-gloves off, he may have had a respectable game statistically speaking, but they didn't let him throw downfield until the third quarter. It did look like he had Kennison downfield for a gain of at least 20 when he dumped off to the loathsome Kris Wilson. I don't know if it's more that I'm pissed Kris Wilson is still on the team or that Croyle missed a bigger play, but I'd imagine it's the former.

Priest really did look good. I didn't have audio at the bar I was watching the game at, so I don't know if he was all right after the Brackett tackle, but I hope he can come back strong next week. He looks much better than Larry did behind the same putrid line.

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