Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chiefs versus Colts again

As is the usual outcome of a Chiefs/Colts game, the Chiefs lost. I think any realistic Chiefs fan could have told you this would happen. They always lose to the Colts. Unless it absolutely doesn't matter, the Colts will win. It's inevitable.

Fatalism aside, the loss basically boiled down to a series of three plays with the game tied at tens and the Chiefs controlling their own fate and moving the ball despite having lost a once-again effective Priest on a horse-collar tackle (no penalty, unlike a lesser one Pollard a few drives earlier) on the first play of the drive.

First and ten, the brilliant play-call comes down from either God or Mike Solari (same difference) to hand it off for a run up the gut. Mind you this is not the first time this play has been called on first down. My memory is a little hazy, but it seems as though there was one occasion in which the Chiefs attempted a play downfield on first down (an incompletion intended for Dwyane Bowe if I'm not mistaken). Of the remaining first downs, there were less than a handful of pass plays called, all to the wide outs at the line of scrimmage one of which was dropped by the Samie "Sure-Hands" Parker. Every other play call on first down was a hand off. Beautiful. This play surprisingly resulted in a loss of five yards for Kolby Smith, who was met upon receiving the rock by a few blue jerseys.

So the Chiefs are faced with a second and fifteen. Logic dictates that any and all players be removed from the backfield sans young Brodie Croyle, who now has all of his weapons on the line, no one other than his solid offensive line to block for him, and no option of a running play to possibly confuse him or the defense. What no one could have predicted was that the pocket would collapse, and Brodie would need to scramble to not get dropped for a loss of six or seven, getting a few of those yards back, and only losing three on the play.

No matter, of course, as the Chiefs could surely convert a third and eighteen, right?

From the shotgun on third and eighteen, what gets called astute Chiefs fans? Anyone who has seen a Chiefs game could tell you. Wait, what? A draw play? The Colts will never see that coming. Wow. Unbelievable. Two yards later, Colquitt, who has spent more time on the field than anyone else on the team this season, comes out onto the field, well on his way to what will surely go down in the annals of football history as the most punts by any man in a single season.

Thank you, Kansas City.

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