Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sexy new managers, putrid offenses

I'm back, all of you--and by "all of you" I mean me--rabid Prick fans.

Not that this is news, but the Royals have a new manager who seemed to be a dark horse candidate for Torre's job. The best news of all is that joining the coaching staff as first base coach is none other than Rusty Kuntz. Awesome.

While everything seems to be coming up daisies in Kauffman, the Chiefs offense continues to lay down tons of manure at Arrowhead. They are damn near impossible to watch.

Their offense being as bad as it is does mean more time for my boy, Dustin Colquitt, who I truly believe is the Chiefs' MVP. Jared Allen would be a very close second, but no single Chief has had as much an impact on every single game as Dustin has. He's a man-god. If only the Chiefs would start working on him to be their third-string quarterback. My dreamworld is one in which Dustin Colquitt comes into the game on third down and teams don't know if they're going to punt or throw. I mean with this offense would it really matter if they punted on third down and saved everyone the pain of having to sit through another swing pass on third-and-long? When Norv Turner gets fired, Solari should volunteer to step back down and help with the offensive line (who clearly could use the help) and allow Norv to run the offense.

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