Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Everyone must watch "Friday Night Lights"

I just burned through the first season on DVD, and it's simply amazing. It has replaced "The Wire" as the show I tell everyone they must watch. How the entire country doesn't watch this show is beyond me (well, really, it's not since NBC has put it on Friday nights). The acting is fantastic, the story arc is compelling, the sports sequences are great, the Taylor family dynamic conveniently fills the hole left by the exit of Veronica and Keith Mars, the multiple-camera handheld filming really does allow for a more realistic portrayal of small-town life than a situation in which everyone is hitting their marks and standing right where the camera needs them to be, and the writing is top notch. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this show. It will completely envelop you and you'll find yourself watching three more episodes after the one you swore was going to be your last.

I'm going to catch up on this season right now on NBC's website. Everyone needs to watch this show. Your lives will be better for it.

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