Friday, April 26, 2013

Prick Tunes: Junip "Line of Fire" and "Your Life Your Call"

There's no better time than the present to highlight Junip, whose new self-titled LP came out this week. I've featured them here before, but for the uninitiated, Junip was a side-project that José González first got involved with in 1998. About seven years later, they released the Black Refuge EP, which featured a pretty fucking sweet cover of "The Ghost of Tom Joad" along with four original Junip compositions. This was, of course after González had gotten quite a bit of attention for his first solo record which had been released in 2003. Five years later, González, Elias Araya, and Tobias Winterkorn released their second EP, Rope and Summit, and their first LP, Fields. The next year saw them release a third EP, In Every Direction, and now their second LP hit shelves this week, featuring the singles "Line of Fire" and "Your Life Your Call," whose videos are intertwined and featured below.

"Line of Fire"

"Your Life Your Call"

Is it weird that whenever I think of life in Sweden, it's basically like that? A bi-curious cuckolding nightmare in which I'm stuck in a near-catatonic state while my aged bride who never quite looked the same after the "Black Hole Sun" video goes off getting pile-driven by the 17-year-old version of the lead singer of The Darkness, braces-and-all.

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