Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prick Tunes: Nazi Gold A Message of Love

From time to time, I get the chance to point y'all toward the works of deserving compatriots of mine.

[L to R] Steen, Harris, and Galavis

Today, it is my pleasure to tell all y'all bastards to check out (and by all means buy it if you like it) Nazi Gold's recently released LP A Message of Love. Nazi Gold is a bit of an Austin supergroup, if such a thing can exist, comprised of the unholy triumvirate of guitarist Quin Galavis (of Dead Space, Quin Galavis, and other bands I'm sure I'm missing), bassist Jeremy Steen (of Flesh Lights and The Gospel Truth), and percussionist extraordinare Thor Harris (of Swans, Shearwater, Bill Callahan, Angels of Light, Devendra Banhart, and god knows how many other bands past and present). I've listened to this album a whole fucking lot. Do yourself a favor and get yourself some. In addition to being able to procure the album through their Bandcamp page, it is available through iTunes, and you can go ahead and like their asses on Facebook.

Unfortunately, there isn't a solid video to put up. If someone really wants to shoot one for the band, they should contact them. Then I can put it up here. Someone do that please.

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