Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prick Tunes: Megafaun "The Longest Day" and "Kaufman's Ballad"

Having risen from the ashes of DeYarmond Edison*, brothers Phil and Brad Cook and Joe Westerlund formed Megafaun, who have distinguished themselves over the course of their four releases as fiercely adventurous. The two songs in this post are in the much more traditional vein of Americana, which they excel in, but their catalog isn't just that of an Americana band, as they veer into the realms of psych, free jazz, and noise with confidence and ease. 
*The notable other member of DeYarmond Edison was Justin Vernon, who has done all right for himself with his own project, Bon Iver.

To kick things off, we've got "The Longest Day" as recorded in a session with Hear Ya in April of 2010. The song comes from their second LP, 2009's Gather, Form & Fly, and might just be my favorite song off that album.

Also originally from Gather, Form & Fly, this performance of "Kaufman's Ballad" appears to have been filmed for an Irish program called Other Voices Live. 

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Young Man Duggan said...

"The Longest Day" dance I created is called "the Cedar Falls Knee Shake"

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