Monday, January 2, 2012

Prick Tunes: Akkilles "Grasslake" and "Crimes"

Having been hepped to Akkilles by fellow [unofficial] Royals Review scribe, Clam Simmons, it would seem that this is the project of one David Bennett, who doesn't seem to have enough of an internet presence for me to be able to say much about. Unless, of course, he is the same David Bennett that is a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the Truman Medical Center - Hospital Hill. Then, man-oh-man, I could tell you some stories.

When Clam hollered at me through the interwebs, he said that Akkilles seemed like it would be my speed. He was correct. It's good stuff.

"Grasslake" weirdly starts in a place where it is evoking memories of Hans Zimmer's "True Romance" variation on a theme originally established in Carl Orff's "Gassenhauer" while contemporized with a lo-fi, ever-so-slightly noise-influenced mindset. As I positively love "Gassenhauer," this is no slight. Slowly it morphs into a haunting piece that in the end is quite striking.

  Grasslake by Akkilles

In "Crimes," Bennett shows off his pop acumen with a song that pangs with regret while set over two simple but effective guitar parts and a tamborine. He has adopted a lo-fi approach to his personal brand of folk music, and it works damn well.

  Crimes by Akkilles

For more Akkilles, check out their SoundCloud page.

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