Monday, August 8, 2011

The Queue Continuum: I Think We're Alone Now

Hot off the heels of watching Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid, there was clearly an itch that needed scratching.

That scratching came via the 2008 documentary I Think We're Alone Now.

Really, a simple synopsis should sell each and every one of you readers as to why you should watch it.

This is the story of two obsessive Tiffany fans--one an intersexual 38-year-old and self-proclaimed "athletic machine," the other a 50-year-old male with Asperger's syndrome who at one point had been court-ordered to stay away from the 80s teen idol for three years.

Does that not speak for itself?

It takes a weird cat to be obsessed with Tiffany that late in the game. While these cats do not let you down, it also isn't a mean-spirited documentary poking fun at those unable to defend themselves.

Weird Tiffany factoid of the day: She was once stalked by Robert John Bardo, who eventually stalked and killed Rebecca Shaeffer (star of My Sister Sam), whose death served as inspiration for the film Moonlight Mile.

Obviously stalking is no laughing matter, and Jeff Turner has scared the shit out of Alyssa Milano upon setting his sights on her, but these two seem relatively harmless.


The Peter Johansen said...

i believe i am entitled to a shout out for bringing this film to the worlds attention.

Josh "Old Man" Duggan said...

The world owes Peter a 'thank you.'

'Thank you' - the world

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