Monday, February 14, 2011

The Queue Continuum: Moon

If the thing I am watching has Matt Berry in it, I will watch it. Sure, he is barely in Moon, but really, who gives a shit? He is Matt Fucking Berry.

Yeah, that Sam Rockwell guy is in it, and that's all fine and dandy, but MATT BERRY!

Anyway, David Bowie's kid directed this. It looked pretty good. Rockwell is actually pretty great, all kidding aside. It's a little slow, and I was watching it while our heat was out and the rolling blackouts were about to roll through. If you want to talk in code, it's deliberate, not slow. Its pacing works in its favor, and without getting too much into a plot that can easily be spoiled, it poses some interesting ethics of science questions.

Watch it. You might like it.

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Young Man Duggan said...

Glad to see you finally saw it (over a year after I told you to). I liked it a lot. Came out the same week as "In the Loop" and "Pandorum" (I think), the first was outstanding and the second was an okay movie to watch.

The entire time I was waiting for event to unfold similar to another space movie where a super computer plays a major role that hopefully doesn't need to be named.

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