Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Queue Continuum: Chaos Theory

The conclusion that I have drawn upon finishing Chaos Theory is that it would appear that maybe I need to stop watching movies solely because they have Emily Mortimer in them. Well, this one also had Ryan Reynolds, so this whiffed on two fronts.

Directed by Marcos Siega, who directed a handful of Veronica Mars episodes and is a supervising/co-executive producer on The Vampire Diaries, Chaos Theory is a rather forgettable comedy in which missing a ferry sets off a chain of events in which Frank Allen's (Ryan Reynolds) life is turned upside-down. Truths are left unspoken. Frank wallows in self-pity. Susan (Emily Mortimer) is livid with her husband. Then she begs his forgiveness to no avail. Aside from a meltdown while giving a motivational speech, this simply doesn't have much to offer past the intrinsic likability of its stars, which it tries to undermine at every turn.

It isn't quite awful, but it is hardly good either. Enter at your own risk.

Why does this keep happening, Emily?   

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