Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Man on Film: Jackass 3D

When I expressed my intense interest in seeing Jackass 3D at work mere days before its release, my enthusiasm was met with an incredulous utterance to the effect of "Who would want to see that?"  My response was, "Everybody.  The first two opened at number one, and this one will too."

One record-setting weekend later*, one man stood vindicated.

*On its opening weekend, Jackass 3D became the largest October opening ever.
Since the 3D re-emergence began, the oft-mentioned/alluded to Chad, Mark, and I have joked about a hypothetical Jackass 3D, complete with the lewdest things possible, surely including a 3D teabagging.  Years passed in which we joked about the movie.  We talked about it so much that we began to believe it was going to be a reality.  Then came word that it actually happened, and just like with Piranha 3D, the sequel that made the most sense to be made in 3D was on its way.

Alas, there was no teabagging.  There was, however, plenty of ridiculously dangerous, asinine, and offensive stunts. 

In other words, Jackass 3D was predictably AWESOME. 

It is in everyone's best interest that I say very little about what lies within this film.  Know as little as possible.  Half of the enjoyment is in the surprise.  Well, that and the absurd lengths that these mostly affable* fools will go to for an extreme laugh. 

*I'm excluding Bam Margera from the affable crew, as he seems to be the only total dick among them.

There is a reason this movie opened huge.  Catharsis. 

Laughing is cathartic, and you'll laugh your ass off...  when you're not cringing or holding back vomit.


Big Hatt said...

Never been that into Jackass, although I recognize that those guys are funny. I've actually never watched a Jackass movie all the way through, which is pretty weird now that I think about it. I watched Wild Boys regularly, Steve-O and Pontius being my favorites of that crew. I like Knoxville too.

I think my loyaltly to Tom Green turned me off to Jackass early and I never really got over that subconciously. I realize that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Man am I glad you insulted Bam. I despise him. In the "6 bullets" question, he definitely gets one of mine.

Old Man Duggan said...

If you have room in your heart for some good old-fashioned low brow humor, I say give it a go.

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