Friday, February 26, 2010

Rediscovering the Past: Saying Goodbye to Boner

As you likely well know, Andrew Koenig was found dead in a Vancouver park.

What better way to say goodbye than to show a goodbye episode of sorts?

Or, if you'd like to watch this episode in higher quality elsewhere, here is the link to The WB's website, who apparently stream "Growing Pains" episodes.

I can speak with confidence when I say that anyone in my peer group was at least fleetingly familiar with the work of Andrew Koenig, TV's Boner Stabbone. Most, more than fleeting. He also played Batman in a really good short that came out after the Batman franchise looked to be done. That can be streamed here. But back to "Growing Pains," he was the sidekick of the cool lead male teen, both of which were sitcom staples in the 80s. In Boner's case, he was the dork (the other option, of course, being the nerd) which was probably a curse of sorts. As was the case with nearly every actor who was cast in one of these roles that largely amounted to a caricature, Andrew Koenig didn't do much television or film acting after the role.

Andrew Koenig was reported to have been depressed and was found after presumably committing suicide. Everyone feels for his family and friends.

At least we still have Semper Fidelis...

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