Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reading Rainbow: Basin and Range by John McPhee

Whenever I am handed a book that someone tells me I should read, it feels like a homework assignment.

I am not in school.

I shouldn't have homework.

Moreover, there is a sort of immediacy to the required reading that tends to add stress to the equation, seeing as though the picture is colored by the act of lending.

This book was one of those situations in which a book was handed to me. To add to the reticence with which I undertook this task, the book's subject matter was field geology.

What's got two thumbs and hates science?

This guy.

Keeping all of these hangups in mind, the book was pretty damned engaging. The prose is not at all dry and actually brings rocks to life. McPhee also manages to tie the history of geology into the book and somehow makes it not only interesting but page-turning.

I would have to say the book was entirely surprising to me, and the tale of the geological evolution of the Earth is told exceptionally well here.


Weibel said...

What is sad about this post is that you are an intelligent person, and are were actually good in science from what I remember in high school..I am glad to see you are coming around to science again. I am learning to find it more and more interesting...namely Michelle is to blame for that.

Old Man Duggan said...

Skyentz is boring. Furthermore, I was never particularly good at it. I was totally awesome at everything else, obviously.

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