Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the personal news front...

I was waiting until I was officially writing on the site, but I have joined the writing staff at Sports Grumblings. Tim McCullough, managing editor of the site was kind enough to take me on based on the kind words from Damian, a fantasy rival of mine. Damian is the same fantasy rival that I eked out a win-by-tie-breaker over in my life-running (or life-ruining, as The Old Lady* would be inclined to say) keeper league.

*The Old Lady has asked why I refer to her as this, and stated that she wasn't fond of the tag. I'd refer to her as a few other things--all nice, of course--but we live in Texas with strange Common Law standards. I assure you, Jack, The Old Lady is a term of endearment.

My first article is up now. I will be writing on the Western Conference for now with the probability that I'll also be working on fantasy baseball when the time comes.

So, if you're interested, you can shortcut to my columns here. The link to both the site and my author page will be up in the links section.

I am very much looking forward to branching out and giving my all to Sports Grumblings. I would imagine that the sports-related content will virtually disappear from this blog, however, as I also have plans on starting a Royals only blog as the new season approaches.

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Little Brother said...

When I refer to Kristin on mine, she's "The first lady of the Apple Capital Rumble". Long I know, but I bet Jackie might prefer something along those lines.

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