Friday, October 31, 2008

250 = Earth-Shattering News

This entry marks my 250th. It also marks a distinct point in this blog's "history" (those were McCain air-quotes), insofar as this blog's future will be shifting.

Inconsiderate Prick was initially driven largely by Royals-centric posts. Over the past few months, it became increasingly clear that I was getting two disparate kinds of traffic and was probably turning off each group with posts directed at the other. This (and a particular trade that just happened, but that I've gone in depth analyzing elsewhere) have spurred me on towards starting another blog, solely devoted to my Royals fandom. While the domain name that I wanted was taken in every form (The Royal We), I persevered and yesterday launched Royalscentricity, to much fanfare, I'm sure...

Now, for those of you who only enjoy reading my quasi-retarded Phil Collins entries or ridiculous Kenneth Lonergan inspiration posts, keep coming back here. If you are coming to this site for Royals/sports entries, then you'll have to look at my writings for Sports Grumblings and at Royalscentricity, both of which are linked to in the 'Go Here' menu to your right.

Now I have to hope I can keep my writing energy up while devoting time to writing for three different places.

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