Thursday, January 9, 2014

Man on Film: The To Do List

It's been quite a while on this one. I saw The To Do List like three days after it opened. Apparently that means it was July. Jesus. In fact, it's been so long that you can buy it here on Blu-ray or stream it here.

Quick thoughts:
  • Aubrey Plaza was very likeable. 
  • Scott Porter and Rachel Bilson were both really funny and playing against type. 
  • Bill Hader was funny. 
  • I liked the period style choices, and the fact that it was a lifeguarding in the 90s movie hit close to home for me. 
  • Good first go at things for writer/director Maggie Carey. 
  • There need to be more movies about/for women taking ownership of their sexuality. It definitely feels like things have been trending more and more this way, but the stigma attached to women *gasp* enjoying sex can fuck right off. 
  • Despite its ribald subject-matter, it's not nearly as bawdy as it could have been. 
  • Not spectacular, but a relatively enjoyable way to spend 104 minutes.

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