Saturday, June 8, 2013

Prick Tunes: What the fuck is the AV Club? Edition

Stan here filling (and feeling) in for that cold ass honkey OMD that is rambling about the high and low tides of Texas on a sandy joyride. Upon hours of youtubing guitar amp review videos, I stumbled across some wicked cover songs. Some pop music news group of some sort called the AV Club invites bands in and they pick from a group of songs to cover; first come, first served. I encourage y'all to take a jaunt through all of them that seem interesting, from the cult known as The Polyphonic Spree covering Neil Young's altruistic "Heart of Gold" to Deer Tick kicking out some 90s with Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" to fucking Gwar running rough shod on some "Carry on My Wayward Son." It is hard to know what makes a good cover, but I generally love the covers that take it to a whole other level.

Such as Reggie Watts freaking on Van Halen's "Panama", making it the first time I've ever enjoyed that song.

This one will immediately uplift your mood:

And finally an ethereal, reverb-drenched melody to send you off:

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