Friday, March 8, 2013

Man on Film: Boy Friends and Hundredaires

Today I get to toss some cyber-love out to two of my pals who have projects coming your way in some way, shape, or form.

First up is my friend and collaborator (on a project that I'm waiting to talk about until it's a little more real), Hugo Vargas-Zesati. Hugo's debut as a writer-director has been accepted to SXSW. It's a deliciously demented short film entitled Boy Friends. Hugo is also the dashing gent on crutches. Showtimes during the festival can be found here.

Then there is long-time friend Sean McGrath, who some of you may know/recognize from his work on Twilight or Everyman's War or as a writer/on-air personality on Oregon Public Radio's variety show Live Wire. Why we've never completed any collaborative project likely boils down to my laziness and/or relative unease in the screenwriting medium. He is writing on Hundredaires, one of new bits of original programming that the French Kiss Records video site FKR.TV and one on which David Cross is an Executive Producer. Hundredaires is one of the projects featured in this trailer. Be sure to subscribe to keep up to the minute on FKR.TV updates.

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