Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prick Tunes: Gerry Rafferty "Whatever's Written In Your Heart" and "Days Gone Down"

It should come as no surprise to any of the readers here that I love me some Gerry Rafferty. Anytime I can fit him into a post, I do. "Whatever's Written In Your Heart" is the stand-out track from the second side of his 1978 sophomore solo release* City to City. As much as I love "Baker Street" and "Right Down The Line," this may be the track that I find myself looking forward to on the album the most.

*He had released his first solo album Can I Have My Money Back? in 1971 following the break-up of The Humblebums, his band with future comic Billy Connolly. He then spent 1972-1975 in Stealers Wheel and spent the three years following their break-up unable to release anything as a result of legal ramifications of the band's dissolution before finally being able to move forward with his solo career.
And while we're on the subject of deeper Gerry Rafferty cuts*, here is the second track off of his follow-up to City to City, 1979's Night Owl: "Days Gone Down (Still Got The Light In Your Eyes)," which was recently featured in 50/50. It was his highest charting US single off of Night Owl, although the title track was a much bigger hit in the UK. 

*For some, anything past "Baker Street" and the Stealers Wheel hit "Stuck In The Middle With You" are deep cuts.


KHAZAD said...

I agree.

Rafferty is awesome, and City to City is a truly great album.

Josh Duggan said...

It's absolutely one of my favorite albums.

isabela said...

helo no mi fala inglês, mas assim que ver ese comentario assese obr pf siga mi no mi site

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