Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prick Tunes: Tom Waits "Satisfied"

When Tom Waits says, "Jump," you don't ask, "How high?" You fucking jump. Any time he posts a video through Anti- should be regarded as a National Holiday, and said video should be played everywhere for the entire day.
Well, yesterday afternoon, he posted his newest video on his website. Here you go.

The video, directed by Jesse Dylan, is his first proper video (from what I can tell) in six years, when Orphans came out and this amazing video for "Lie to Me" was released:

Honestly, there isn't a cooler sumbitch out there than Tom Waits. For nearly 40 years, he's done nothing but release great albums. There hasn't been a creative trough like fellow cool dudes Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash experienced. Steady badass releases has been his modus operandi. And when he's got important stuff coming up like an album release

or a tour announcement,

he does weird-ass stuff like that.

Maybe this was a little video-heavier than most of the Prick Tunes posts, but there is not an artist out there who I am so thoroughly and entirely entertained by as I am with Mr. Waits. As for "Satisfied," the song that started this whole thing, it features Keith Richards and Marc Ribot on guitar, Les Claypool on bass, and contains a fun shout-out to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as it plays around with their biggest hit.

Sadly, Richard Marx doesn't get the same treatment.

What a majestic mane...

I digress. Whilst doing promotion for Bad As Me, Waits also did Fresh Air just over a week ago. If you managed to miss it, here's the link. And if, for some godforsaken reason, you don't own the record, here's the link to the Tom Waits Store.

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