Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PSA: Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery Needs Your Love

This space is not typically one that I use to promote anything. Sure, I may talk about a book or film or show that I love, but that is merely a reaction to art.

This is something more important.

Coffee Donuts - Photo Courtesy of Red Rabbit Bakery
A lady very special to me has embarked on a business venture. This is not just any business venture, though. She is one of five women who have started a vegan bakery here in Austin, Texas. They are committed to producing high-quality vegan baked goods with their initial thrust being vegan donuts. While they are branching out past that into realms I'm not sure I'm allowed to talk about, the donuts currently available at Wheatsville, Pacha, Genuine Joe's and various other establisments around town are awesome. Their Mexican chocolate donut is particularly outstanding.

But they're not just any bakery. They're a worker cooperative.

Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery.

They are trying to carve out their own niche in the world and the local bakery market.

Where they stand apart is that they aren't all vegans. They actually know what their product would taste like as traditionally prepared. There is no discernible difference.

Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery is looking for donors for their business. They have set up a page on Kickstarter, a platform by which creative people can be connected with donors. Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery is looking for donations that would provide them the capital required to procure a trailer and equipment necessary to get their goods out to the masses not only via wholesaling but through a central location that they would control.

As their donation page says:
For the last year, we have been working tirelessly to get our bakery off the ground. We spent six months developing our vegan donut recipe (we ate a lot of donuts!) and another six months finding a kitchen space, equipment, getting all the permits, licenses, suppliers, and clients we needed to start a wholesale bakery business. Finally after many months of hard work, late nights, and a lot of vegan donuts, our dream is slowly becoming a reality! And the best part: the good people of Austin love our handmade donuts!
They are currently sitting just over 34% of the way toward their goal of $10,000 with slightly over two weeks to go. If the goal is not met, none of the donations go through.

If you care about a) the American dream, b) being your own boss, c) high-quality vegan baked goods, or d) the supremely democratic work environment that worker cooperatives provide for all involved, then please venture over to their donation page at Kickstarter.

If my efforts were not enough, here is a feature that the Daily Texan did on Red Rabbit a couple of months ago:

Vegan Donuts from The Daily Texan on Vimeo.

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sandhiya said...

Amazing work guv. I'm so stunned, it hurts. Definitely keen to see how it turns out! Bakery Equipment

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