Monday, March 14, 2011

The Queue Continuum: The Parking Lot Movie

Maybe it's that I work in the service industry despite the fact that I have a degree and am at the very least smart enough to get into the Jeopardy! contestant pool twice, but this movie resonated with me.

Now I'm not some anthropology graduate student. I don't read Kierkegaard. I can't quote Locke.

I am not comparing myself to these guys, as they seem to be a somewhat exceptional collection of extremely well-educated chaps, but their contempt for much of the idiocy and assholery that they encounter from customers who prefer to treat them as sub-human is something that I can sympathize with. While I am actually relatively happy with all of my jobs and deal with those things much less than most of my comrades in arms, it is something that I encounter from time to time.

The Parking Lot Movie captures some of these moments, but mostly it is an entertaining look at a likely unique parking lot in Charlottesville, VA (I'm sure you parked there all the time, Sara). The crew of employees are smart enough that they are engaging to listen to (if sometimes a little over-intellectual) and that their criticism of the patrons of The Corner Parking Lot are pretty damn funny. Clocking in at a mere 74 minutes, it is definitely entertaining enough to warrant the modest amount of time it asks of you.

And the bassist from Yo La Tengo (James McNew) is interviewed, as he once worked there. Apparently his Sixth Grade Math Teacher was a dick.

Every time John Beers opens his mouth is golden, too.

If you want to watch an funny take on a microcosmic view of capitalism and class struggles, look no further.

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Young Man Duggan said...

I was surprised at how hardcore some of them were with drive offs and the like.

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