Monday, November 9, 2009

Diversions: Another Blog?

All right, so I launched yet another blog, and this time there should be some help (and I'm certainly willing to allow for other contributors, if you're interested).

Right now, it is an undertaking that was born from the haze of a recently completed fantasy basketball draft. Having alluded to it on my twitter feed (an experiment, I assure you), I have started up a "Law & Order: SVU" blog. The amount of time I spend talking about how awesome that show is with people who share my feelings regarding the show is a little ridiculous.

The first entry is up here. The name of the blog is:

Munch My Benson

I encourage you to check in there, as I have high hopes. If you, too, share a love for all things "SVU" and are interested in contributing, your fandom and writing is welcome.

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