Sunday, July 19, 2009

Man on Film: The Proposal

First things first: When we headed out to the theaters, we were going to see Public Enemies.

Second things second: I was not very excited about seeing Public Enemies.
Third things third: The difference in my desire to see Public Enemies over The Proposal was nominal at best.

Fourth things fourth: Public Enemies was sold out*, and I was not too bent out of shape over it.

*Seriously? What the fuck? It's not even really supposed to be that good, and it opened on July 1st. I know it's a Friday at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, but y'all be fucking crazy. I'd understand if it was The Hangover or something, but we're talking 'bout Public Enemies.

All right. The movie. It was all right, I guess. If you've seen one romantic comedy in the past twenty years, you've seen them all.

It was incredibly formulaic. Guy can't stand girl. Girl blackmails guy into marrying her to avoid getting deported. Hijinx ensue.

I think it is obvious why I went to this movie and didn't hate it. Ryan Reynolds is the bomb. Totally funny. Great comic timing. His delivery is always spot on. I like Ryan Reynolds about 15 times more than I dislike Sandra Bullock (which really isn't that much considering that I really like Ryan Reynolds), so at least it wasn't a completely wasted outing.

That being said, I do not recommend that anyone actually go out of their way to see this movie.

Now, as for the experience of seeing a mainstream rom-com in the theaters, I can't say that I've seen one since maybe American Sweethearts (holy shit was that awful...), but it was really bizarre being at the Alamo with a bunch of middle-aged people who laughed at totally odd times. Who are these people? A guy in the road behind us was cackling (literally sounded like a witch) at the weirdest times. Some lady started losing her shit during the predictable Betty White deathbed scene. The guy beside me and his wife made these bizarre comments occasionally. The guy on the other side of the Special Lady Friend made some comment to his wife about someone's Louis Vuitton gear.

What. The. Fuck?

Was I secretly in Columbus, OH?

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